Learning Lanes

I went out for a volunteer event earlier today. That turned out to be a disaster with me not being able to locate the bus that was to take me to ADNEC. The event coordinator wasn't any help either. I hadn't felt this bad in quite a while. I took a bus to Khalidiya Mall which was where I had to board the ADNEC bus from. I found myself at profound grief when I couldn't recognize the bus stops in Abu Dhabi. I didn't know where I was or where to get down. 17 years and you may think I would remember Abu Dhabi like a cycle balance. As Chandler would say it, "Could I be any more wrong?".

On the way back home, my mind was clouded with absurd thoughts of betrayal. I wondered how I could so easily forget the roads of the place that was home to me for all my life.
When I reached home, I told my mother about the agitation in my mind. Her reply put me in a juxtaposed situation. She said, 
"You used to always mess up the buses and the bus stops in Abu Dhabi. You never learned them in order to forget them. So, don't you worry!"
I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to feel at ease or feel more troubled.


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