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Learning Lanes

I went out for a volunteer event earlier today. That turned out to be a disaster with me not being able to locate the bus that was to take me to ADNEC. The event coordinator wasn't any help either. I hadn't felt this bad in quite a while. I took a bus to Khalidiya Mall which was where I had to board the ADNEC bus from. I found myself at profound grief when I couldn't recognize the bus stops in Abu Dhabi. I didn't know where I was or where to get down. 17 years and you may think I would remember Abu Dhabi like a cycle balance. As Chandler would say it, "Could I be any more wrong?".

On the way back home, my mind was clouded with absurd thoughts of betrayal. I wondered how I could so easily forget the roads of the place that was home to me for all my life. When I reached home, I told my mother about the agitation in my mind. Her reply put me in a juxtaposed situation. She said,  "You used to always mess up the buses and the bus stops in Abu Dhabi. You never le…

Witnessing Terror

It was March 08, 2013. Our First Semester exams had finally begun. The French exam was scheduled to be held at 02:00 PM. Since it was a language we had very little clue about, we decided to cool off our heads by going for lunch at a nearby hotel. It was around 01:00 when we left the hotel fully fed and content. I am pretty sure we would have stayed there fifteen minutes longer; had we known what was to be witnessed next.
The road that led to my college was a dingy one-way-sized road. As most of the roads in India, it was used as a two way road. The drivers just adjusted to it like they were supposed to. I, along with my three friends was in a heated discussion of something that I just cannot bring myself to remember. We were nearing the Church and we noticed a big yellow painted bus parked on the side of the already small road. Girls were getting out of the bus and forming a big crowd to its side. The road was otherwise empty. A pretty girl (I call her pretty here out of belief for I …