180 Characters And A Jail Pass

The Indian cyber world has been going agog since the news of the arrest of  IAC (India Against Corruption) activist Ravi Srinivasan on November 1st for posting a tweet against Karti Chidambaram, the son of finance minister P. Chidambaram has been released. Turns out there is a law that is against people publishing something online that is offensive that defames another person. If that was the case (and if the Indian government actually checked online) majority of the Indians would be behind the cold bars for the above said offense.
I find this quite absurd and disturbing that a free country like India has an act that curbs the freedom of speech. I believe that a man should be free to voice his opinion with no distinction between whether the opinion is acceptable or not. If no negative opinions are to be released, people would suffer as there would be no one to react against the unscrupulous corrupt acts of the government.

 Ravi Srinivasan has refused to apologize or take back his opinion. Good going, I would say. I hope this doesn't make the Indians take a step back from reacting against what is wrong. You can still find his tweet stating, “@ravi_the_indian: got reports that karthick chidambaram has amassed more wealth than vadra.” in his twitter account. Too bad he didn't realize that a 180 character tweet sent out to his 16 followers would land him in jail. Next time I tweet about my cat’s foul smell, I will make sure to ask him before hand whether such a tweet would put him in deep distress.

PS. He is now released on bail.

PSS. I don’t have a cat.


  1. Megha(imaginary chara)

    1. I think megha is a slut ('opinion', -included in the freedom of speech , no proof required)

    2. Megha is a slut ('allegation' -without any proof 'defamatory' and not included in freedom
    of speech) ..

    1. Manassilayi :P He said he got reports. So which category would that fall into?


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