A Touch With Feminism

Feminism had always fascinated me for I believe that I wouldn’t be able to sit here typying this out if it weren’t for the feminists that fought for gender equality years back. Recently, I came across something that brought out the feminist in me. Nothing much, but do read on.

I was on my way to my hostel after the weekend at home. I was at the railway station waiting to board the bus to medical college. The bus was so packed that there was barely any space left to breath. As I got on, I noticed that four men were sitting on the seats parallel to the driver’s seat. In India, those seats are usually reserved for women. In a country where the mightiest wins, this is a necessity. Just to confirm; I was new to being a residential Indian, I asked a woman standing at the tip on my nose whether those seats where reserved for women. She nodded in agreement as her hair went up my nose. I pushed forward and asked those men whether those seats were reserved for women. At first they didn’t seem bothered by my presence. But as I continued my “How could you?!” stare, one man turned and said, “mole avidey ninnondi” (girl, you stand there), in his funny dialect. I stood there and repeated my question.

Finally, my presence started to cause a stir in their personal space and they slowly got up. Not a second were the seats left without an ass on it. The moment the men got up, five ladies jumped at the occasion and sat in the newly discovered seats.

Me? Oh well I was left standing.

Ee penn vargam... nannaavoolla. Orikkalum.
(The women clan… will never develop. Ever.)


  1. Loved the true story of typical malayalee people. Good work Sania keep writing :)

  2. hahaha...
    In Kerala, especially when it comes to getting seats on a bus, its all about saving your own ass. AAAAND you have to do it within that nano-millisecond when a seat gets empty. :D
    congrats on learning your first ever valuable in-bus lesson ;)

    oh, and pretty cool blog you've got here btw :)

    1. Thanks :) Im taking my first steps in being a residential Indian. Yay me.


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