Friday, August 3, 2012

Freshers' Day- Part II (The Programme)

Read Part I before you read Part II.

The programme started with a welcome speech and then the seniors took to the stage. They called a guy from my class and gave him the first task; to hold a mic and lip-sync with a song they were going to play. They played "Gangeeeeey", sung horrbily by some senior. The guy lip synced quite well and that put off the programme to a good start. Then a senior, AJ, as I would refer to him from now on, and another senior, a girl, got on stage for a dance... a love duet. It was a slow song and it went on beautifully. The couple swayed romantically along with the song. AJ looked quite bored. Maybe a little embarrassed. After the dance was nearly over, the couple walked off the stage, with a flower in their hand, swaying to the music. They approached to the freshers crowd extending the flower in their hand. AJ came towards me, and my friends started nudging me. Some idiots called out my name and I felt a blush peeping in. Our eyes met, he smiled and then he turned, walked back and gave his flower to one of my clasmates, Anu. ET TU BRUTE? I swear!
The girl gave her flower to Harsh, my friend. Anu and Harsh were brought forward to the stage. They now had to do another couples dance to a love song. The dance went on gracefully with such elegance that they looked like Romeo and Juliet during their secret meetings. They ended the dance with Harsh nearly on the ground, presenting the flower to Anu. The task was so well done that it was the most applauded task among the others. I still tell Harsh that if he had given me the flower, I would have said yes a million times.
There was a loud applause from behind as a line of boys-dressed as girls- walked into the hall. They wore 'chattayum mundum' and golden earrings. They started dancing around the vilakku. As the song neared to its end, it changed its tracks and the barbie song sarted playing. The guys put on shades and starting jiggling to the barbie song. All in all, it was a crazy, funny routine.

The rest of the juniors got called up one by one or in groups. The remaining freshers thinned by the minute. One fresher was asked to drape an other guy in sari. It was quite the fashion with no pleats or folds or anything. It barely covered up the guy.

I was up somewhere towards the end, along with my roommate. This is the lame part. They asked us to rest a ball behind us and walk to the end of the stage. An easy -and did I mention lame?- task. As we reached the end of the stage, they said, "OK, you can go and sit." That was it? THAT WAS IT? It did not reach even one percentile of my expectations. Though I did not ever want to go up to the stage and dance or sing, I expected something better.

As the program came to an end, the first years' were asked to proceed to room number 210. It was time to eat. Two girls that were fasting went home. I didn't go since all my friends were there and I usually walked back with them. Though I had broken my fast earlier, I couldnt eat. I didn't care about all the guys in my class... but I was really bothered about what the random muslim boys outside would think. A girl usually doesn't fast only at particular times in a month. No, I wasn't going to let ANY boy think of me that way. Thus I continued my fast and helped the other guys eat by serving them. It was fun, I won't complain.

Later on, on my way out of the college, I asked one of the second year student why they had given me such a lame task to do. "Because you wear a scarf, we assumed you to be the silent type." Silent? Me?
For heaven's sake, please don't judge me by my head gear. I am anything but silent. I have three years in this college right... I'll show you. Oh i'll definitely show you. 

Freshers Day- Part I (My Marathon)

Freshers' day is a day celebrated to welcome the first year students into the campus. It was a long wait for me and it finally took place yesterday. The programme was organized by the senior students of the english department. The students had had their Freshers' day a week back and that had created quite the stir among the other students. We were informed at around 12:00 that they were giving us the party at 2:30 in the Chavara Hall. Anxiety and fear wreaked in the classroom. And thus, I begin the small story of excitement, fun and a bit of swearing.
It was 1:30 and the French period had just started. Our old and retired French sir walked in and started his usual speech in broken English about 'vous avez' and 'nous avon' (lets hope that how it's spelt). All of a sudden I felt a pull in my stomach. I nearly screamed. It felt like a pac man was gnawing at the flesh of my stomach. I felt nauseated. My friend, Abhi, kept on calling me from behind to let me know of some new joke that he had come up with. As funny as the joke was, I wanted to ask him to shut up. Suppressing the scrutiating pain, I waited for the class to get over. It was 2:30 and I had a choice to either go to my hostel and have my medicine or go for the Freshers Day party, taking in the pain.

I felt angry and betrayed by my body. And that's when the swearing started. "Fuck my life" I said as I got up from my seat. "What?", asked Vishnu, quite alarmed at my agitation. "I'm going home. This fucking pain is killing me. I may kill someone, anyone. If AJ asks, tell him I went home. Bye." And I stormed off. I walked... nearly ran to my hostel. I took the shortcut that I was told not to take and ran as fast as I could. This Freshers Day would not come around again and I knew I was going to miss it. On the way, a man, in a comment like way, asked me, "engottekka moley ottam?" (Girl, where are you running to?). "Goooo dieeee" I sang in a low voice. Please don't give me that look. I was really frustrated.

It was 2:45 when I reached my hostel. I broke my fast by  taking a pill and fell on the bed. I was dripping in sweat and I could barely breath. I laid there for 10 minutes and then I was up and ready to go. I felt calmer and more energetic. I changed into another salwar and I started my marathon run again. I reached the college by 3:10. My next task was to find where the Chavara Hall was. I asked a senior I saw on the way and she gladly pointed it out to me.

I reached the hall right when the principal was getting down from the stage after delivering his speech. Lucky me, I was on time. I took a seat behind Vishnu. She looked really surprized that I had made it back. I, myself was surprised.

And I finally felt glad that I was after all not going to miss the party that I had waited for so long.