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First Night- The Maniyara

Before any of the 100s of people that are here just because of the first two words in the title get hyper-super-duper excited, let me clear your anticipation. This is a post about what happened BEFORE the maniyara... not during or after.

Yes, I grant you permission to leave.

At around 9 pm, the new couple had reached home from the groom's residence. My sister, the bride, ran off to take a shower and the groom was swept off in the crowd towards his maniyara; the room given to the new couple. My cousin brothers surrounded him and demanded to be given Rs. 8000 in order to be let into his room. He took all the tricks in his pocket and tried to shoo them away. But the boys had made up their mind. I popped up in between and demanded that the girls get a share of whatever being given to the boys. After a lot of talking and a lot blabbering, the groom and the guys shook hands on a deal of Rs. 5000 where the boys get Rs.3000 and the girls, Rs.2000. Fair, that's what I thought, since t…