Please Don't Sing!

When I was in grade IV, I had just joined the school choir and was really excited to sing. The music teacher positioned himself next to the piano and motioned us to start singing. "When i'm down...", we began singing Raise me up by Westlife.

"Stop." The music teacher said. "Something is wrong. Some one is going off tune. Sing again from the beginning."

We began all over again, just to be stopped by him again.

"I can't understand who but someone is going totally wrong. I want you to sing individually."

Around 6 kids sang and then it was my turn. I just had to utter the first three words when he started laughing.  
"You are the problem. Haha! I'm sorry. We can't include you in the choir." He said oh-so-rudely. My eyes welled up as I walked off stage with a broken dream of being a world famous singer.

I guess the teacher felt bad later on, because he called me to the side and consoled me. "It's just that your voice is not going along with the others. Your sound is like that of a man. It's like two rocks being rubbed together. I'm sorry.", he apologized.


That day, I swore I wouldn't sing in public ever again. I kept my word except for singing around in the house. My sister swears her ears bleed, but my house is a place I don't give a S to what the world thinks of me. 

Me, on my grade 4 birthday.
My biggest fear at the moment? That I will be asked to sing by the seniors in college. As much as I do not want to ever defy them, I will have to. Lets just hope they don't get mad.

Can you sing?


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