College First Day

After fourteen years of school life, my expectations of a college life were over the roof. It was a long wait and finally, today, my first day of college came along.

At 9:00 AM in the morning, I had already missed my bus and had come to college with dad. I stood there, outside the college gates and took it all in for one last time. This is it. The beginning. A deep breath and I was in. 

A senior guided me to my classroom. Four girls were seated, one in each bench. I went and sat next to the prettiest one in a multi coloured dress. We sparked a friendship on the spot. By each passing minute, more students walked in and before long, the class was half full with girls. Then walked in the boys. Five of them. My subject is B.A Functional English; not much demanded by the male crowd. We hoped more would come in later on. Sadly none more.

As we sat there, discussing what college would be like, a lady in blue and white walked it. Frankly, it was hate at first sight. She stood next to one of the student and asked her why she was smiling. Senior; Trying to rag. "why are you doing this? why are you doing that?" she went on and on. "Don't laugh" she glared at us. She looked at me and spoke more fiercely, "naaley muthal, full scarf chutty varanam. ok?" (Wear full scarf from tomorrow onward). I nodded. I was prepared to do what the seniors asked me to do, unless it degraded myself. She got up, gave us a glare again and walked away.
Thankfully, the other seniors seemed to be more friendly and fun. They were banned from entering our class to prevent ragging. Therefore we stayed confined in our given class as long as possible.

Later, when I met a male friend of mine standing outside my classroom, I (obviously) went and spoke with him. After he left, the Blue-White chick called me again. "Why are you talking to him?", she inquired. She seemed to be in love with the glaring business. "I know him. Thats why." I replied. I was losing interest in being scared. She seemed more irritating than scary. "Don't talk to him. Don't try to be that friendly." She said. Oh.. Only if i could ask her to mind her own friggin business. I kept my mouth shut and walked back to class.

Towards the ending hour, I was called by 3 guys, again, to be questioned about who I am. They weren't rude. Just showed a bit of seniority and I was free to go.

And that, was my first day of college. A lot more happened, but nothing much of importance. Tomorrow is an other day. Another day of hopes and expectations. Insha Allah, I will love this college.

I guess I already do.

Thank God.

PS: So freaking many cute guys! Oh trust me, I'm going to LOVE it out her ;) 


  1. HeeYy................... tHS ws SiMPLY AwsME .... WAITNG fOr UpDATS.... ehHHEHh ;-)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Lol i did the exact same thing on my 1st day! Even I missed my bus, and my father had to leave me. hm... u never knw, myb has something to do with 2nd October ppl? ;D

    1. Maybe =P

      Where did you join? do update your blog about all your ragging and college stories =D

    2. No one wright insha alla in diary entry and if you are muslim girl then your parents gonna kill you if they saw then you meat some boys there !

  4. In other way ragging is fun :) but Athikam ayal Amrutham Visham alle :)!!


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