College: Day II

My first strike =D. Not mine exactly. The KSU held a strike today so classes went on only for 15 minutes and we were let off. Since I had to pay off my first term fees, I went to the office. They made me wait for 2 hours; till all the students had paid their fees. That was the one reason what changed a lot of things. By the time I got out of the office, The college was nearly empty and all the girls had gone home. There were some boys in groups sitting here and there. 

As I walked towards the gate, I heard, "chu chu". My heart raced as i foresaw the future. "chu chu" it went again. I turned. 7 to 8 boys were sitting on the steps. "chu chu" was their way of calling me over. I went halfheartedly. I kept turning back to see if my saviour of a friend was anywhere to be seen. No such luck. 

"Come Here", they said. 
"Are those sandals the new fashion?"

"Yeah it is." I lied. It has been around for a long time now.

"Is it new?"

I merely nodded.

"Don't wear it from tomorrow onward"

and then it went on. I stood there and listened to all their criticizing comments and taunts. I responded cheekily at first and then realized silence was the better choice. They called me over smart and over zealous and what not. They asked me which school I had attended previously and I paused a moment wondering whether lying would be a better choice. Being an NRI brings along with it a lot of 'jaada' so its a common fact that many of them don't like NRI students.

"Far" I responded. and I regretted it right the next moment. "Abu Dhabi", I added.

"You couldn't tell you Abu Dhabi properly? You think we don't know where Abu Dhabi is? Do you know English? Can you speak properly? We'll ask you in Malayalam, you reply in English. OK?" Around 5 of the guys spoke at the same time.

I looked around all at the same time and I froze. They were such handsome men. Why did they sound so angry? One of them particularly interested me. I noticed that he was the one that taunted me the most. He looked so frigging adorable.

I wished deep inside for them to let me go.

"Go." they said. I heaved a sigh and continued walking to the gate.

"chu chu" There it went again. This time from another side. I turned and saw a lot of guys on bikes.

"Come here", they called. My heart sank and I didn't have it in me to go through it all again. I walked towards them with my head down.

"Sania, you go." I heard my senior friend say those magical words from behind the crowd. I did something between a walk and a run  and I was out of the college within seconds.

Around 5 minutes later, I was still walking towards the bus stop when there it went again. "chu chu". I swore in my mind and turned to where I heard the noise from.

"Come here.", two guys called. This time, I took whatever I had left of my courage and said I have to go and walked away.

"We'll see you in college tomorrow. Beware." They warned. Some how, I didn't seem to give a POS about them. I later found out that they were just some by standers trying to misuse my situation of being a fresher.

I swore never again to walk alone in the college. 

TTYL.  Let me go buy a new paid of sandals. 


  1. Are you seriously going to post every single day at your college here?
    well looks like we may have lots to read then.. But the question is will college be that exciting? ;)

    1. If everyday brings a story I want to remember for the rest of my life, then I will post it here. I write it here so that if my memory fades like it usually does, I don't want to forget these things. Hopefully college will be exciting.

      PS: You aren't forced to read. Just so you know.

  2. So confident about your memory loss? Maybe you should get yourself checked. Amnesia when you're just 17 (according to your profile which i believe is a big fat lie) is a case any doctor would love to look into (if ofcourse he is like those Dr.House types)

    PS: You know whats the best part about this? You have absolutely no clue who I am or whether its the same person commenting again!


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