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Please Don't Sing!

When I was in grade IV, I had just joined the school choir and was really excited to sing. The music teacher positioned himself next to the piano and motioned us to start singing. "When i'm down...", we began singing Raise me up by Westlife.

"Stop." The music teacher said. "Something is wrong. Some one is going off tune. Sing again from the beginning."

We began all over again, just to be stopped by him again.

"I can't understand who but someone is going totally wrong. I want you to sing individually."

Around 6 kids sang and then it was my turn. I just had to utter the first three words when he started laughing.  "You are the problem. Haha! I'm sorry. We can't include you in the choir." He said oh-so-rudely. My eyes welled up as I walked off stage with a broken dream of being a world famous singer.
I guess the teacher felt bad later on, because he called me to the side and consoled me. "It's just that your voice…

College: Day II

My first strike =D. Not mine exactly. The KSU held a strike today so classes went on only for 15 minutes and we were let off. Since I had to pay off my first term fees, I went to the office. They made me wait for 2 hours; till all the students had paid their fees. That was the one reason what changed a lot of things. By the time I got out of the office, The college was nearly empty and all the girls had gone home. There were some boys in groups sitting here and there. 
As I walked towards the gate, I heard, "chu chu". My heart raced as i foresaw the future. "chu chu" it went again. I turned. 7 to 8 boys were sitting on the steps. "chu chu" was their way of calling me over. I went halfheartedly. I kept turning back to see if my saviour of a friend was anywhere to be seen. No such luck. 
"Are those sandals the new fashion?"

"Yeah it is." I lied. It has been around for a long time now.

"Is it new?"

I merely nodded.

"Don't …

College First Day

After fourteen years of school life, my expectations of a college life were over the roof. It was a long wait and finally, today, my first day of college came along.

At 9:00 AM in the morning, I had already missed my bus and had come to college with dad. I stood there, outside the college gates and took it all in for one last time. This is it. The beginning. A deep breath and I was in. 

A senior guided me to my classroom. Four girls were seated, one in each bench. I went and sat next to the prettiest one in a multi coloured dress. We sparked a friendship on the spot. By each passing minute, more students walked in and before long, the class was half full with girls. Then walked in the boys. Five of them. My subject is B.A Functional English; not much demanded by the male crowd. We hoped more would come in later on. Sadly none more.

As we sat there, discussing what college would be like, a lady in blue and white walked it. Frankly, it was hate at first sight. She stood next to one of the…

Beauty: Not To Be Appreciated

I hail from a very democratic country, India. But if you ask me, I would say that my household is anything but democratic. Freedom of speech is one main problem we all face; especially girls like me with a huge mouth. I can start talking and not cease till I feel satisfied. I am never rude and I make sure of that. I say what I think and don’t always think about whether the others like it or not. According to me, a fire in my mind is better put out than let burning. 

Recently, I was exaggerating the beauty of the houses, one my father’s and one his brother’s. The intention in my mind was to let them know how grateful I am for all their help and how magnificent their hard work was. Too bad that I did not know it would all strike me back one day. My mom pulled me in and spanked me with a lecture about how to keep my mouth shut. It turns out you aren’t supposed to speak about the beauty of things because if some day something happens to it, I would be blamed. They would say, “She had her e…