Facebook, Until Death Do Us part

The bride walks elegantly down the aisle, towards the man in a black tux. His eyes admire her for a moment and then his hand is impatiently tapping on his iPhone. He had just updated his status on Facebook. "My beautiful bride is walking down the aisle. Aren't I the luckiest man?!".

After the priest had said his speech and the couple had exchanged their vows, the priest spoke, "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now change your relationship status." The couple returned to tapping their phone and changed their relationship status from 'Engaged' to 'Married'.

Sooner or later, this will be the scenario. Maybe, this has already happened. I was reading this online when my sister ran into the room. It seems her friend had updated her status, and it was worth hearing. She read it out loud for me and my mom to hear.

She said, "GOING TO THE LABOUR ROOM. Pray for me guys!".

After a fraction of a second of shock, we all burst out laughing. This lady was going to the labour room, probably in a lot of pain, and she gets time to update her Facebook status. I am not criticizing her act, just merely laughing at it. Her intention might have been to let all of her family and friends know of her situation, and I support that. But this event proved how much reliant on Facebook we are. Lets just hope that her husband or a friend updated her status for her. 


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