Funday Sunday

The volunteer group with the kids. 
I had recently gone for a volunteer event held by an organization in Abu dhabi. The event was specially held for the specially challenged children to just play and have fun. We, the volunteers were asked to help them out in times of difficulties. I had a lot of fun running around and playing soccer with those kids that were purely innocent. They were not afraid to speak their mind. And somehow, that made them superior to all the other "normal" people. They were truly special. 

One boy, I believe his name is "Gaiz", was the center of attention for quite some time. And her is why...

He was kicking a ball when suddenly, he placed his right palm on his chest and slowly sat down. For a fraction of a second, we all were silent. Ours eyes widened as we looked at each other. As soon as reality hit, all the volunteers ran towards him and crowded around him. We could see the pain in his face. His eyes were tightly shut and he was breathing heavily. two girls ran to get help. while the others remained to try and help him out.

Within a moment, a man who had come with the special needs children came forward due to the chaos that was around the boy. He asked us to move and then sat cross legged next to the boy. The boy still looked in pain but the caretaker didn't seem to mind. After a while which seemed to be so long due to our fear, the caretaker poked him slowly and asked "Over?"

The painful curve in the boy's face turned into a smile. He opened his eyes and started laughing. He was up within a moment and back to running with the ball.

The 12 volunteers stood there dumb-founded. A minute ago, there was a boy with a possible heart attack and now he was happily playing with the ball. The caretaker, who spoke very little English, comforted us. He said, "He was joking. Always joking."

The boy had fooled us.

Around half an hour later, he fell again, but this time, we all laughed nervously hoping that he was just joking.

Yes. He was still joking.

The boy lying down is the heart attack faker.
And that's me behind him. =)


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