The Salt and Ice challenge

I was surfing through videos on Youtube when I saw around 10 videos relating to a challenge called "The Salt and Ice challenge". Usually, all the cool things that people do involve resources that are unavailable for me. This one required only salt and ice.

Yes, I ran to the kitchen.

My sister gave me the crazy look when she saw the cheeky wide grin on my face. I was excited! I powdered my arm with salt and then placed ice on it.

(^ this is not me)
Do I regret it? A little bit. I did not even feel the cold of the ice for a bit. And then it started to sting. That's when i dropped the ice and ran water through my arm. The spot where I place the ice turned first white, then pink and then a deep red. IT started burning and stinking all at the same time.

The irritating sting refused to let go even after around 10 minutes.

I was planning on trying the Cinnamon Challenge too.

I changed my mind on trying challenges. I am too much of a chicken.
Buck Buck baaack 

On the other hand, a heartfelt thank you to David Powers King for giving me a shutout on his blog. Do check out his blog everyone. =)

Have you tried any of these challenges?


  1. Actually I have tried the Salt n Ice challenge. That was painful. What in the world is a Cinnamon Challenge?

  2. Hey!! Long time.

    The cinnamon challenge is where you have to take in a full spoon of cinnamon. Sounds simple. But the YouTube videos say otherwise.

  3. I haven't tried these challenges. Not sure I would be the same person afterwards. And you're very welcome! I'm glad to have you aboard! :)


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