Weight Loss Program

People mention about my size every now and then. 

First I got tired of it.

Then I got mad. 

Then... I got madder. 

Its my body and the only one that can make a change to it, is me. 

Thankfully, though I love sweets a lot, I also love fruits and workouts. That's true. I love working out, running, going for walks, exercising. but it all depends on the fun factor and my availability. I'm not allowed out of my house unless accompanied by an adult... Unless of course its for something important. So every time i feel like walking or going for a run, I have to drag my mom outside. That is a really irritating process since my mom doesn't want to come out most of the time. And when I blame her for my weight gain, she tells me to stop eating so much of junk. Well, We've already established the fact that I don't have much control over what I eat. I'm born that way. Or for now, I'll just blame it on my genes. 

Since non of my previous methods of weight loss had worked out, I went on a now or never search for a good workout that I can do at home under my convenience. My sister was the one that actually found out this workout. She downloaded it and played it on the TV. It is called TURBO JAM FAT BLASTER. The work out looked so intense yet fun. It was somewhat like a dance routine with a li'l twist. 

My sister's wedding is in 5 months and the photos taken that day are going to last for ever. And that is exactly why I don't want to see a 72 Kg lump of me in them. There are going to be MANY guys present at the wedding and who looks at fat girls nowadays?  After a little research, I found out that the workout with a little control of the diet can do wonders. All it requires is determination. I am pretty determined right now.

I am going post my weight and waist size in this blog every week. As much as I don't want the world to know what my size is, I believe a little embarrassment can do me good. Since I'm going to post this online, I can easily keep a track of my weight loss (or god forbid, weight gain). If I do end up losing weight (Insha Allah), I hope someone out there will be encouraged by my success story. 

Being a girl of many many words, I should tell you how my first week went. Yes, I finished one week of the work out already. I did it for one week before I posted it on my blog just to confirm it myself that I am determined. I started it slow and now... I have successfully worked out 1 week. 

Now for the ugly part, my details. 

January 25, 2012
Age: 17
Height: 5''4'

Starting weight:  72 Kg
Waist:                 34 inches
Hips:                   40.5 inches               
Right Arm:         12.5 inches
Left Arm:           12.5 inches
Right Thigh:       22.5 inches
Left Thigh:         23.0 inches
Body fat %:       21.21%

Chest: 38.25 inches (If you have seen this, You shouldn't have. you idiot. Stop high lighting my page)

I will Insha Allah, post this every week on Wednesday. 


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