"Because I Said So!"

I just had a shower and went to the kitchen after. I was in a good mood after the extreme one hour exercise. The last thing I wanted was stress. Believe it or not, I got into an argument with my mom.

We both finally agreed that it wasn't an argument and that we both weren't angry. But who are we kidding? We both knew it well inside that it was a damn word fight.

After the shower, I just wanted to play around and so I went to mom and asked her whether I smelled go-o-o-od. I had just had a well deserved shower and I just wanted to hear from some one else that I smelled go-o-o-od. Just for the sake of it I guess. Mom was making steamed cake (I believe that's the name for our naadan puttu). You can call it bad timing. The steam cake was going horribly wrong since the rice powder she used was just not good enough. Since she was in a bad mood, my happy entrance itself sparked fire in her.

At first she ignored me. And then she just snapped. I tell you she doesn't look pretty when she does that.

She went like  "CAN'T YOU SEE I'M BUSY??!!".

I was just too stupid to say "Chillax". A word of advice to you guys out there... NEVER tell a person to cool down when they are angry. It just makes them over the top angry.

After a long pause, I didn't have enough.. so i put up the topic about the latest plan of our class. We were planning to go to the Ice Rink the day the board exams end. Come on! 14 years of school just ended. We need our fun. We are just 17/18 after all. Not old grans.

"You aren't going" , Mom said. That's usual. Parent's always say no at first. It later depends on the way you convince them whether you actually go or not.

But my mom was pretty convinced. She blamed me on going out so often and not staying home. Reality check. The last time I went out with my friends was in October end of 2011. I told her about that but she still did not change her mind.

Now that's where I got angry. Everyone finds it hard to accept it when they are wrong. But I've learned to accept myself when I wrong. Its hard but I've learned it and I'm sure. So I asked her to reason it out on why she wouldn't let me out.

She took the oldest trick in the book. "CUZ YOU'RE A GIRL. Oh only if that wasn't my mom saying it. The worst thing a person can tell a girl in this century is that she is restricted because she is a girl.

You don't see me hanging out with friends till late night,

You don't see me going out of the house whenever I want with no questions answered.

You don't see me hanging out at the mall just to take a walk.

You ask me why Im not independent? How can you ask that when you don't even let me step out of the house by myself?

Sorry I got deviated from the topic. I am a girl of a million words when freedom is restricted BECAUSE I'M A GIRL!

So yeah. Back to that part where mom just ticks nerves. She tells me that she never got to go out when she was my age. And I went like "You were freaking married at my age!" (Yes, she was. Surprise!)

And then she went on to say how even if generations change, parents don't change. Children don't change. The relationship between parents and children don't change.

Mom finally accepted that she wasn't in a good mood. I told her I would return when she was in a good mood.

"Don't. You are never going for that." She said.

Oh mother!

"But thatha (sister) gets to go! How come?" I demanded.

"She goes out with her friends to eat. Not to hang out." Mom reasoned.

Oh so now she wants me to go out and eat. That coming from the lady that asked to stop eating cz of my weight gain.

I just went back to my room and surfed the web on a way to relieve stress and frustration.

And that's basically what I am doing now folks. Writing your problems down helps.

What I've learned through out the years (Oh wise me!) is that you have to let your parents win arguments.
     1) they will NEVER let you win.
     2) You will regret later for not letting them win.
     3) They are after all, your're parents.


  1. My parents are my parents, but they are also just people.

    They would never stop me going out because I was a girl, in fact they've never really stopped me from doing anything I wanted. Out of respect I try not to push them. I tell them where I am, I tell them what plans I have and just in case they need to contact me and my phone isn't working for some reason they have a list of my friends numbers and addresses. It's rare for me to be in trouble, always has been.

    Occasionally however me and my mother collide over something small and silly. She gives me a chore and expects me to drop what I'm doing and do it immediately. I politely tell her I'll do it when I've finished what I'm doing.

    Neither of my parents have ever raised their voices at me. I've never raised mine at them. I'm 21.

    Do you know what your mum is scared of happening?

    1. Our culture differences have a lot of effect of how parents treat their kids. In my place, they don't give girls as much freedom as they give the boys. They are scared we may end up doing something wrong .. no matter what. We slowly gain their trust. But some how, its not enough.

    2. Two of my close friends are twins (1 girl 1 boy) and even in our culture there is different standards for them. It's not like the girl isn't just as trustworthy, if not more than the boy.

      I hope you reach an understanding with your mum, surely she went through something similar at your age?

  2. My parents are not the norm, either. They're pretty darn cool! But then, they could be, because I wasn't ever a naughty kid. :D

    I'm here via the Critique my blog blogfest, but don't see any post from you on that yet. So I'll wait :)

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I actually forgot about the blogfest. I'll be critiquing the other blogs now. =)

  3. Great post! The last couple of years at home are the hardest. There's an instinctual separation process that happens. Parents don't (really!) want you to leave, and yet you both know that you will soon be leaving the house, going out on your own. Hang in there.

  4. Whenever i ask my parents "can i go out" these are the reasons which they list out.Mainly, "YOU ARE A GIRL" i totally agree with this post!

    1. Thats what I said earlier.. mainly only Indian girls will understand this.


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