Jumping Blogs


That was my old blog. I had started it when I joined IIIS in grade XI. That is nearly 2 years back. I recently went back to that blog and read my early posts. It was all about my daily life and things like that. I wondered wy I had shifted to a new blog. I guess its because I felt I needed a change. You see, the girl who started that blog was a bit of a freak. Attitude freak. She did not want to mingle with the normal people. She wanted to always hang out with the "cool" people. Weird and stubborn, I (she) was not the favourite when I joined IIIS. I did not mix with them. Neither did they mix with me. Circumstances forced me to get to know them. Trust me when I say this... that was the best thing that I have done to date. I know that because today, I am a better person. I accept people a lot better. I talk to much less stranger boys and talk more to people that I actually know. I have changed. The situation I am living in changed. The people around me changed. The inner being in me... changed. I liked this change. And thus I knew that when everything around me changed, my diary of a blog needed to change too. I started this blog as an anonymous princess (haha). But that did not turn out too well I guess. Sooner or later, people will start recognizing who I am. But I don't think I will care about it now. That's then and I shall deal with it then. =) This blog is my identity now. and Im loving what I'm doing. 


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