Et Tu Brute!

When I was in OOEHS, we had to do a project on the literature drama chapter- Julius Caesar. 

You all know Julius Caesar. He was a Roman emperor who was stabbed to death by a noble, Marcus Brutus. Brutus... now he was a friend of Caesar. He did not in light years ahead expect to be killed by a man so close to him. The scene of the murder was fortunately or unfortunately witnessed by Mark Antony, who was a dear friend of Caesar. With a painful heart, he inquired about the murder and Brutus replied stating that it was done for the kingdom because he loved Rome and he feared that Caesar would be a dictator. 

Me being lazy as usual, couldn't put up myself to write a 100 page report on his part. The laziness resulted in me getting a near 7 on 10 and the invention of a poem I actually liked! So this is one of my collected pieces. =D.

Et Tu Brute !

A man in flesh and bones
Was Brutus, Marcus Brutus
He treasured his king, but kingdom more
And so, our Caesar, he slaughtered

Caesar was ambitious, he held
And why should any rebuff him?
For Brutus, Marcus Brutus,
Was an honorable man!

So if you enquire “oh why, Brutus? ”
Know it now, for you should.
Not that he loved Caesar less
But that he loved Rome more

Now Brutus, this honorable man
If phases were to re-wind
Would indeed desire a better route
For flaws, he surely had

Caesar’s angel, he was
And Caesar loved him so
His last words were “et tu brute! ”
Oh how intensely Caesar loved him!

Was what Brutus did precise?
Many, oh! Many shall ask
This an act of a valiant hero
Or one of a ghastly villain?

Caesar once did utter
That cowards die before death
But the valiant die, but once
And didn’t Brutus die, once ‘nd more?

For Caesar loved him, oh Caesar did
And still his dagger swept his flesh
Caesar, he slayed, not as a person
But as what he may in the throne.

After assaulting our darling Caesar,
To Antony, he says, his spirit in pity
For he murder Caesar
‘cos he loved Rome more

Oh! I saw, Caesar’s heart twinge
When stab, did Brutus in facade
Making every philosopher deem
“Would Caesar die if not for Brutus? ”

‘Cos love Brutus, Caesar did
And he, an honorable man
The most intricate in the country of Rome
Doth no wrong, without a reason

If I could, I would do Brutus wrong
But how wrong? For wasn’t Caesar ambitious?
He loved Rome, but a haughty man
Who saw, he not ‘come a dictator?

And Brutus, oh! What a man!
Killed himself, a day
For guilt, the prickle, prickled him
Antony exclaim “He the noblest Roman of all”

So I do Brutus wrong and Caesar wrong
For both hath enticing love for Rome
But sad, they lacked clear notions
For Rome, he loved them both


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