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"Because I Said So!"

I just had a shower and went to the kitchen after. I was in a good mood after the extreme one hour exercise. The last thing I wanted was stress. Believe it or not, I got into an argument with my mom.

We both finally agreed that it wasn't an argument and that we both weren't angry. But who are we kidding? We both knew it well inside that it was a damn word fight.

After the shower, I just wanted to play around and so I went to mom and asked her whether I smelled go-o-o-od. I had just had a well deserved shower and I just wanted to hear from some one else that I smelled go-o-o-od. Just for the sake of it I guess. Mom was making steamed cake (I believe that's the name for our naadan puttu). You can call it bad timing. The steam cake was going horribly wrong since the rice powder she used was just not good enough. Since she was in a bad mood, my happy entrance itself sparked fire in her.

At first she ignored me. And then she just snapped. I tell you she doesn't look pretty…

Weight Loss Program

People mention about my size every now and then. 
First I got tired of it.
Then I got mad. 
Then... I got madder. 
Its my body and the only one that can make a change to it, is me. 
Thankfully, though I love sweets a lot, I also love fruits and workouts. That's true. I love working out, running, going for walks, exercising. but it all depends on the fun factor and my availability. I'm not allowed out of my house unless accompanied by an adult... Unless of course its for something important. So every time i feel like walking or going for a run, I have to drag my mom outside. That is a really irritating process since my mom doesn't want to come out most of the time. And when I blame her for my weight gain, she tells me to stop eating so much of junk. Well, We've already established the fact that I don't have much control over what I eat. I'm born that way. Or for now, I'll just blame it on my genes. 
Since non of my previous methods of weight loss had worked…

Et Tu Brute!

When I was in OOEHS, we had to do a project on the literature drama chapter- Julius Caesar. 
You all know Julius Caesar. He was a Roman emperor who was stabbed to death by a noble, Marcus Brutus. Brutus... now he was a friend of Caesar. He did not in light years ahead expect to be killed by a man so close to him. The scene of the murder was fortunately or unfortunately witnessed by Mark Antony, who was a dear friend of Caesar. With a painful heart, he inquired about the murder and Brutus replied stating that it was done for the kingdom because he loved Rome and he feared that Caesar would be a dictator. 
Me being lazy as usual, couldn't put up myself to write a 100 page report on his part. The laziness resulted in me getting a near 7 on 10 and the invention of a poem I actually liked! So this is one of my collected pieces. =D.

Et Tu Brute !
A man in flesh and bones
Was Brutus, Marcus Brutus
He treasured his king, but kingdom more
And so, our Caesar, he slaughtered

Caesar was ambitious, he…

Jumping Blogs


That was my old blog. I had started it when I joined IIIS in grade XI. That is nearly 2 years back. I recently went back to that blog and read my early posts. It was all about my daily life and things like that. I wondered wy I had shifted to a new blog. I guess its because I felt I needed a change. You see, the girl who started that blog was a bit of a freak. Attitude freak. She did not want to mingle with the normal people. She wanted to always hang out with the "cool" people. Weird and stubborn, I (she) was not the favourite when I joined IIIS. I did not mix with them. Neither did they mix with me. Circumstances forced me to get to know them. Trust me when I say this... that was the best thing that I have done to date. I know that because today, I am a better person. I accept people a lot better. I talk to much less stranger boys and talk more to people that I actually know. I have changed. The situation I am living in changed. The people around me cha…

Fun Sized

I am an over weight person. I don't intend to tell you how much I weigh, but the number is in the scale, I assure you. I used to be really slim and lean. Due to my uncontrollable chocolate eating disorder, I am now what I am. I am tired of every damn person I meet telling me that I have gained weight. When I look at the mirror, I can see that I am fat. When I stand on the washroom scales, I know that I am fat. The others telling me constantly is not a necessity since I am not blind. I am concerned about my weight but my cravings control me at times. I have gone on a gazzillion diets but always end p getting fatter. It bugs when the others can't take me as I am. As Marilyn Monroe said,

"Imperfection is beauty"
Take me as I as. I don't want a friend sticking around just when I am at my best. After getting really mad at a friend, I wrote a poem. It doesn't exactly portray what I feel. But it is somewhere near it. 


Let me tell you how it feels
Let me show yo…