To Change Or Not

They say change is inevitable. Change is good. This week has been a week of major changes for me… thus turning the second week of December 2011 into a memorable one. Or more like a week I would never ever forget in my entire life. If I do, I’ll just have to read this blog post again.

I’ve been living in a tiny (literally) two bedroom apartment for 12 years of my life. We have been forever trying to change, but somehow fate just wouldn’t show up. The hike in rents of apartments in Abu Dhabi caused more trouble than that that prevailed. A normal two bedroom apartment is AED 70,000/- average ( $ 20,000 roughly) annually. How would an average employee of say, AED 10000 as salary survive in this horrible apartment rent hikes? Torture much?

 *Returns back to the topic*
My sister is getting married next year and we want her to stay with us occasionally. So that stood as a problem because we, a family of four, barely fit into the flat. So that’s when the final decision was made that come what may, we’ll change. When you are ready to pay any amount, everything is available to your door step. So we found this flat next to Abu Dhabi Mall and all preps were done to move in. On December 13th, I moved into my new flat which is HUGE for a person that lived in a tiny flat for 12 years. That was the first major change.

As I said earlier in my previous post, 14 years of my student life ended the next day… 14th December. I just noticed that 14 years ended on 14th. Awesome. Haha.

If you know me, you’ll also know how loud and firm my voice is. Though I used to hate my voice before bcz I used sound like a boy and couldn’t sing, there is not a thing I would change about it now. That’s because now I know why I have this voice. What I have noticed for years now is that I kinda have the power (haha) to make people listen to me. I can make a good evil dictator with the voice I have. I can order to lock up the unscrupulous people o f my school behind bars. HAHAHA!

Back to being realistic, with my voice, I can easily make a statement and convince people. It true somehow. I had a cold the day before I was shifting to my new flat. After shifting, my body didn’t adapt well with the present air in the new apartment. I woke up in the middle of the night, actually crying in pain and knocked on my parents’ door to wake them up. You know those nightmares where you want to scream but you are just too scared and no voice comes out. Well, my situation was more of a reality. I tried to explain my situation to my mom… but all I could manage to do was show actions. Not a sound came out of my mouth. I could scream and all you would hear was “ah” in the lowest possible way. Things were good till I went to school. It was the last day of my school life and I had lost my voice; the one thing that carried me forward in my school social life. What surprised me was, I did not need my voice to communicate with my friends that day. If I wanted to say something, the whole class would drop into a void silence and just look at me while I try my best to speak. The class of 26 chit chatting students actually bothered to be quiet to listen to me. Now you know why I love them. At the moment, right now when I’m typing, I still haven’t regained my voice. I’m maintaining silence and resting my voice because a huge event is coming up and there, I don’t think 40 students are going to be silent for me to talk.

What I am basically trying to say in this post, is that changes take place.

 I changed my apartment- A good change.

14 years of my school life ended- A sad change.

I lost my voice- A bad change

Whatever it is, change happens. What we have to do is move on. My school life ended… as sad as it is, I know when school ends, college starts. Losing my voice was hard. But I learned a little more about my friends from that.

Change. It’s inevitable. 


  1. Yea we love you !!!
    But u regained voice while u shouted (cheered basically) with us...:)

  2. Haha! The evil dictator Part...:P I'll show you a pic which i edited after last year's Octobarians Party...:P
    And yes! We love you A Lot!! :D
    Just curious...Who is the anonymous person? :P

  3. I guess It's Ahla or Anju.. not sure though...


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