Life In The Next Centruy

There was this essay competition held in a school for the students of Abu Dhabi. i took part in it and won First place. we had to write a 1500 word essay on  a topic given at the moment. As to prepare for the competition, i wrote this the previous day. Its not 1500 words... but somewhere near. 

Living in the future

Flying cars? Servant robots? Houses on planet mars?  What exactly does the next century look life? Will I be affected? Will you be affected? Will life as we know it, change?  Every human being is by himself a futurist; predicting what will happen in the years to come. While no one can predict the future with accuracy and precision, every prediction still has its own touch of hope and belief that someday, something will change.

To understand what the difference will be in living in this century and living in the next century, we must compare what life was in the last century and what life is in the present century. In the last century, women were still fighting for their freedom. Building were only 5 storey’s tall. People needed to travel long distances to communicate to their loved ones living far. Everything of ease today was a thing of complication then. As the century turned into the new one, progress was made in every nook and corner. Women were free in most of the countries. The introduction of internet and mobile phones enables easier access to everything worldwide. Communication was now possible with those living in the opposite lands of the earth. With progress came more complication. Cyber crimes increased and more and more problems were created. This is the difference between the past century and the present.
When the topic about the future comes up, everyone likes to imagine flying cars zooming past the buildings. People carrying oxygen tubes everywhere because oxygen is apparently in high demand in the future. Everyone has a robot pet or a robot servant who massages your shoulders as you drive your fuel less, driver less, powerful vehicle through traffic less skies. The funny fact is that this was the image drawn up by a futurist in the 19th century when he was asked about what the next century would look like. The concept has still not changed and people still believe that one day, our dreams of doing nothing and still having everything will come true.

Human behavior is sure to change with the change in lifestyle. It is believed that the poor is bound to increase more in number in the coming century rather than reduce. The rich will keep getting richer while the poor continue becoming poorer day by day. This shows the core of human behavior that love and affection towards those below us will reduce even more in the future. Human beings will be more proud of who they are and what they are. They will reduce into humility less form of animals.

Destruction will be everywhere. In the past, to achieve greatness, a war was sure to take place. War, in the past century was of sticks and stones that break our bones. With the change in century, I believe that in the next century, the commando in chief will just sit in a huge office in America and tap a red button on his touch screen. The next thing you know, a city has blown up in Kuwait. Hiroshima Nagasaki situations will be rampant and wide. Brothers and sisters of the same womb will fight each other with no trace of love left.
 Life will be valueless with the population rising every second. Giving birth is no longer a tough and painful 10 month wait. With the new and improved robot wife, you can get pregnant today and give birth the next week- just like popping an aerated balloon. If that itself is painful, you can design your virtual babies with the exactness and perfection you want, send in your gene code and have them delivered at your doorstep in a week. You are a mother in a week. Viola!

The relief of being born in the next century would be of being freer. Every child born into this world will be free from the evil of being subject to slavery or prostitution. But the chains of the so-called free technology with bind the child from every side. 

I was too lazy to write a conclusion.. 


  1. LOL... That's an interesting essay, and quite funny too. You have good language and a great imagination. Anyone else would have turned it into a monotonous delivery on the dying morality and about those zooming cars, robot servants and stuff. You spoke on those lines too, but had it renderd in a more interseting way. A fresh aproach to the topic. Would like to know what was in ur prized essay about UAE and the 'saga of coexistence' .

  2. Thanks. Since I did not mention anything about the topic given to me for the competition in this post, I assume that you know me. Why the 'Anonymous' tag then?.. Reveal yourself.. curiosity kills the cat.

  3. SH, you should have become sherlock's successor. It amazes me how you could figure out that it was someone who knew you...

    P.S. Please find sufficient amount of sarcasm hidden somewhere above..


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