Heartbreaks And Suicides

I plan to join a Journalism Mass Media and Communication college in India after i finish my high school. My folks had agreed to it... until recently. 

This 17 year old cousin of mine in India is/was (no clue!) wildly in love with some college dude. Her family disapproved the guy and forbade her from seeing the guy. As cheesy Rom-Coms go on, she attempted suicide by slashing the nerve on her hand. No laughing matter, this caused an upheaval in my dad's family. There was tension all around. Alhamdulillah she is fine since she did not cut deep enough. How a person can take the life given to them by god is just jaw dropping. 

This incident also caused a problem for me. My father, who is already worried about raising two girls, told my mom that he is no longer willing to send me to study in India. Trust issues. He is scared i may go the wrong way. As i have said earlier in my posts, the society i live in, frowns upon the acts of romance between those unmarried to each other. Therefore, my dad believes that a girl's mind can away off and i may go wrong. Sexist much? I was furious. I suppressed all my feelings and held on to my chastity and dated no boy at all (with small exceptions of crushes) and finally my dad thinks i may go wrong. Really?! Now i need to somehow make my dad understand that i am not a feeble being and that i am a lady of my words. God.. give me strength! 

Talking about suicides and suicide attempts... I had written on this topic last year in my old blog. I'll post it here since i liked it a lot. 


Monotony is the main reason why I have become an ardent reader. Today, boredom steered me to a suicidal note left by a teenager. A tad more investigation and I found out that it’s not the case of ‘a’ teenager… this is a grave and sober case of ‘many’ teenagers that take their life. Suicide, though being a frequently heard expression, always sends a tremor down every one. And today, I was the recipient…I winced reading the brutal, grief striking stories of students ending their lives just for petite cases like being rebuked by teachers to major events like anti-gay bullying. It is already a struggle to live through the teen years encountering something new about yourself every now and then. To mount it all with bullying is a vast burden and sadly, some just don’t have the strength to hold on. Life is priceless … everyone says so and everyone knows it. But does everyone actually take heed ? I doubt it! Islam has prohibited human beings from suicide because life is a reward given to us from the Almighty and we should do all we can to continue safeguard it. But when time proves challenging… when actions are heart rupturing … when words harm mightier than swords, don’t we, for an instant at least, loose the desire to live? Many of us revive from this situation, but the aching truth stays fact… that some don’t. They believe that suicide is the solution to all their glitches. Oh how mistaken they are!

Every 90 minutes, a teenager somewhere in America kills himself. “It's more than just common, it's probably at epidemic proportions,” said Dr. Lawrence Levine, Bristol Hospital. The rise in the rate of teen suicide - 250 percent in the past 30 years - has caused it to become the nation’s second leading killer of young people, after accidents!
When a family member commits suicide, the entire family is plunged into confusion and grief. Life is instinctually valued by all of life's creatures. Even a blade of grass or flower fights for the privilege of life. When someone close to you voluntarily ends their lives, your entire value system is thrown into question. Family members may also be consumed with guilt, thinking that they somehow should have seen the signs that led to the individuals suicide. Group therapy with others who have experienced this trauma as well individual therapy may be necessary to help cope.
Toby, a loving little beagle, is still howling for his owner to return home. But 18-year-old Scott Hanelt, who hung himself in a park just before Labor Day, is never coming back.
"Toby's really lost," said Scott's mother, Cathy Hanelt.

When Scott chose to kill himself Aug. 27, he deserted much more than just a confused dog. His family, and scores of friends, are also grieving. "If Scott realized how much pain he left behind, he wouldn't have done it," his mother said.


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