Fourteen Years

It’s ending.

Fourteen years.

Fourteen years of sitting in classrooms and listening to boring teachers.

Fourteen years of sharing a bench with different kinds of students- the nerds, the jocks, the emos, the cool ones, you name it. 

Fourteen years of having to fake signs in test note books because you just couldn’t afford to study with “Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets” on TV.

Fourteen years of doing the summer vacation assignments on the day before school re-opens.

Fourteen years (not exactly... I was a really small kid for 7 starting years) of crushes on boys of the same age.

Fourteen years of not wanting to wake up early to go to school because sleep is just too important.

Fourteen years of strangers to friends to best friend … just so that the next year it goes from best friends to friends to strangers.

Fourteen years of talking for hours on the phone with a friend with whom you just spent 7 hours of school.

Fourteen years of wearing casuals to school cause its your birthday and you get concessions from teachers. 

Fourteen years of stupid restrictions of constrained freedom. 

Fourteen years of doubting who you are. 

Fourteen years of hope that someday I'll become something... that someday I’ll be someone. 

Fourteen years of just being a child … making mistakes… getting sent to the Head’s office.  

Fourteen years of believing that school will never end… that you are stuck in the dark hole forever. 

I woke up today and the only thought on my mind was that it ending. All those dreams, aspirations, hopes. Today, I know what I want to be in my adult years. Today, I know where I stand in the crowd. But somehow that isn’t giving me the happiness I believed I would get. I know I’m wearing the nostalgia goggles now. It’s a figure of speech where there is an imaginary bind around you making you want to hold back to the past and not let go. It’s just like when you are going to break up with a guy because he doesn’t respect you and all you can think about are the fun times you had with him. I am really done with school. I don’t ever want to go back to studying in a school. But I would definitely give my all if I had a chance to have the school break periods where all the lunch boxes are like free food for everyone. That is what school has been for me. Friends. If I ever want to go back to school, my friends will be the only reason because who wants to go back to a school of restrictions?

I’ll be wearing the nostalgia goggles for some more time. But it’ll wear off within time because the next stage of my life excites me just too much. The much awaited college.  

But this will always remain in my mind. 

Give me some sunshine
Give me some rain
Give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again


  1. *sigh* True I'm too am wearing the nostalgia goggles as I'm reading this right now... :(
    I'M GONNA MISS SCHOOL.... not the studies part of it but the fun and friends part of it.... :')

  2. "i wanna study a 100 more years with this batch(plus shaheena) "... remember this? :')

  3. The last day on the black board? ='( eah i remember that. I don't want to study but i want to be with you guys so bad!


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