School Trauma

I am one of the lucky (or unlucky) few who got to study at two completely different schools for the exact half of my school life. I did my kindergarten to grade three and my high school (grade 11 and grade 12) in IIIS and my grade 4 to grade 10 in OOEHS. I am taking a great risk in writing this post since I have no intention in praising my school. Rather I am planning on bitching about it and help free my out cry for freedom in the school grounds. 

IIIS is school divided into three sections- Boys and Girls. Boys are haraam (forbidden) for girls- according to the school authorities. Though both the sections are situated in the same compound, we are ordered to treat the Boys section as a different world of forbidden fruits (LOL).  If any girl is caught looking outside the window to the common ground, she will be summoned to the Head Mistress' (Lets call her Lady H) office and asked to explain why she had looked outside. Ok. I was exaggerating a bit. but 3/4th of it is true. Being brought up in a co-ed school for 7 years, I have a lot of friends who are boys and completely staying away from them and not talking to them was weird for me when I joined IIIS. But survival skills did kick in and I adjusted. Its been nearly 6 months since I actually spoke to a boy. Not a big deal. But its still weird. 

Facebook is another forbidden subject in IIIS. When I was in grade XI, the Lady H summoned the whole class  of 26 students to the front of her office and asked us to stand in two separate groups of Facebookers and non Facebookers. Of course the non Facebookers were very less in comparison to the criminal group of Facebookers. At that time, I was an avid FB user though I wasn't an addict. Lady H turned her attention to us and asked us what we use FB for. Now there is a silently know rule that you are not allowed to answer Lady H when she asks you something when she is angry. That is because the questions she asks when she is angry are usually rhetorical questions which require no answers. She did not exactly tell us to delete our accounts from FB.. but she did reach very close to it. She raised her voice at us and asked us how many boys we keep in contact with online. She wanted to know what we spoke about and why we spoke about it. Her face turned into a scowl when she said that she knew we all chatted with many boys of the same school. He voice was filled with disgust at what we teenagers did. After an hour long of constant Blah Blah Blahs... we were asked to return to class and never speak about Facebook ever again in the school premises. To date, I don't know what had caused this up rise of events though I strongly believe its those spies in the class. Spies... That's another story! 


  1. Woah...Some gut,girl!!

    and why all the hype about peeping?They aren't really worth it,you know.:P

    Yea..this is a great place to vent.Thats the only way out.:P

  2. LOL Fun it was! :-D


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