A Million Heartbreaks

Every girl dreams about the day she would get married to her prince charming. He is always this very handsome, very charming and absolutely irresistible guy that was sure to break a few million hearts on the wedding day. Since the day I came to know about weddings and love, I had this bad instinct that I wouldn't have a prince charming. Or at least he wouldn't be "charming". Therefore I used to asses the guys I met on the basis of looks, style, taste, family, orientation, and where he lives. You see, we South Indians don't have love marriages. Its is usually slightly frowned upon. The parents of the girl find a groom that they find suitable and presents him in front of her. She has the final say to reject him or take him. While looking for a groom, the parents check on whether he is friendly, educated, highly positioned, non alcoholic, non smoker, non druggy (?!) and whether his house is near by. They look for convenience and most of all, a good family and bright future for their little girl. As a teenager, I started checking out guys 4 years or so elder than me, just to make sure there were good enough men left for me to get married to. Two guys seemed to top my list. Let's call them Moron and Dumbass. Dumbass is another story, another time. 

Moron... Oh that boy had a way with girls. He was handsome, adorable, a mommy's boy and very well behaved guy. He was my sister's classmate during her college years. That is how I first met him. I knew, from the first week of knowing him and hearing a lot about him from my sister, that he would top my list of "Men I Want To Marry". He stayed nearby (somewhat) in my homeland. Oh how I believed that he would be the man for me. Not before long, he stabbed me with a virtual fork by tagging me as his "sister". That was that for a long time. But I believed that someday, I would get the nerve to confront him and somehow or the other, get him in my house. 

Two days back, I received a heartbreaking and shocking message. Moron, the guy that I so longed for, was getting engaged. He was only 21 years old! As insane as it sounded, it was true. That was the heartbreaking message. The shocking message came after. He was getting engaged to my childhood friend, BigMouth. I was helpless. When she called to tell me that she was getting engaged to my sister's friend, I just smiled and let it slide. The only humor I could find out of the situation was that once long back, BigMouth had bitched to me about this guy in her school that was a huge flirt. She told me she hated that guy. I laughed on recalling the thought, because she was ultimately getting engaged to the same guy that she once bitched about. 

My heart was broken when the ever single and hot guy became engaged. I knew, from the list of "congratulations" on his Facebook wall from a million girls, that a million hearts were broken too


  1. Just noticed "my guilty pleasure".

    Matt Le blanc??Seriously?

    But Channing Tatum I agree to.:P

  2. I fell for his "How you doin'?" ;) He looks old now.. but he was such a cutie once upon a time!

    The 3rd one is Jensen Ackles. Hot aint he?!


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