I Shall

I shall pare a rose from my heart
And bleed to give it colour

I shall mold the linings of the clouds
To dance an anklet on your ankles

I shall fetch the cuckoos from the heavens
To sing for you to appease your ears

I shall slash my skin and make a hide
To warm you through your plights

I shall give you my eyes eternally to stay
So that you see how stunning you are

I shall brawl the battle of the worlds
To prove to you that I am stanch

I shall rest my head on the trails
If you assure me your smile

I shall swim the seven fatal seas
And mount the seven lethal hills

I shall live forever to shield you
Or die to grant your desire

I shall do what no one may
If your shall promise to be my bride


  1. Beautiful.Absolutely.

    You do have a way with your words.

  2. Beautiful...so passionate and romantic. Your poems do that thing which I have been trying for so long -- make the reader 'feel' the emotion. Loved it Keep writing :)

  3. Why dont u post more peoms of yours here ? Read some of ur works in Poemhunter and Voicesnet and they are amazing. Emotionally sound and well-structured verses. You will be a great writer in the future, thats for sure. 'Lonely Classroom' made me feel so nostalgic and I could relate with your love for your ending school years. I am 17 too and am leaving behind friends and all those dear ones to a step forward to college. Hate to leave.

    Another poem I loved of yours was 'sunshine' or -- it was some highly imagistic work on the Sun, stunning imagery and amazing word selection. Kudos !

  4. Thank you. Thanks a lot for that wonderful comment. I have started posting more poems here since. =)

  5. I Love this poem of yours ! Do keep writing, mate ! :)


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