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Growing Cyber

“Why is this video so slow to load?!” asked my mom is frustration. The year is 2011. The internet speed is faster than ever.
“That’s a 12 minute video. The traffic is too much. It’ll take some time” I said. Mom just grew more frustrated. She didn’t want to wait. She is new to the cyber world. Not very new; 2 years max. She is only used to the zooming speed of the business Wi-Fi connection.
For a moment, I paused and pondered over the growth of the cyber world.
My father has always been a gadget guy. He would know about every new gadget introduced. So it was not a shocker when his beautiful daughter (Meeee) started using the internet at the age of 5. In this generation, toddlers surfing the web is no news. But remember, I am talking about the year 1999. I can’t say internet wasn’t common that time. It was. Cyber caf├ęs used to be open in every street because many of the people did not have computers back then. We had a computer at home (Of course we had!) with the net connection.
I used…

Life In The Next Centruy

There was this essay competition held in a school for the students of Abu Dhabi. i took part in it and won First place. we had to write a 1500 word essay on  a topic given at the moment. As to prepare for the competition, i wrote this the previous day. Its not 1500 words... but somewhere near. 

Living in the future
Flying cars? Servant robots? Houses on planet mars?  What exactly does the next century look life? Will I be affected? Will you be affected? Will life as we know it, change?  Every human being is by himself a futurist; predicting what will happen in the years to come. While no one can predict the future with accuracy and precision, every prediction still has its own touch of hope and belief that someday, something will change.
To understand what the difference will be in living in this century and living in the next century, we must compare what life was in the last century and what life is in the present century. In the last century, women were still fighting for their freed…

Heartbreaks And Suicides

I plan to join a Journalism Mass Media and Communication college in India after i finish my high school. My folks had agreed to it... until recently. 
This 17 year old cousin of mine in India is/was (no clue!) wildly in love with some college dude. Her family disapproved the guy and forbade her from seeing the guy. As cheesy Rom-Coms go on, she attempted suicide by slashing the nerve on her hand. No laughing matter, this caused an upheaval in my dad's family. There was tension all around. Alhamdulillah she is fine since she did not cut deep enough. How a person can take the life given to them by god is just jaw dropping. 
This incident also caused a problem for me. My father, who is already worried about raising two girls, told my mom that he is no longer willing to send me to study in India. Trust issues. He is scared i may go the wrong way. As i have said earlier in my posts, the society i live in, frowns upon the acts of romance between those unmarried to each other. Therefore, m…

To Change Or Not

They say change is inevitable. Change is good. This week has been a week of major changes for me… thus turning the second week of December 2011 into a memorable one. Or more like a week I would never ever forget in my entire life. If I do, I’ll just have to read this blog post again.

I’ve been living in a tiny (literally) two bedroom apartment for 12 years of my life. We have been forever trying to change, but somehow fate just wouldn’t show up. The hike in rents of apartments in Abu Dhabi caused more trouble than that that prevailed. A normal two bedroom apartment is AED 70,000/- average ( $ 20,000 roughly) annually. How would an average employee of say, AED 10000 as salary survive in this horrible apartment rent hikes? Torture much?
 *Returns back to the topic* My sister is getting married next year and we want her to stay with us occasionally. So that stood as a problem because we, a family of four, barely fit into the flat. So that’s when the final decision was made that come what ma…

Fourteen Years

It’s ending.
Fourteen years.
Fourteen years of sitting in classrooms and listening to boring teachers.

Fourteen years of sharing a bench with different kinds of students- the nerds, the jocks, the emos, the cool ones, you name it. 
Fourteen years of having to fake signs in test note books because you just couldn’t afford to study with “Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets” on TV.

Fourteen years of doing the summer vacation assignments on the day before school re-opens.
Fourteen years (not exactly... I was a really small kid for 7 starting years) of crushes on boys of the same age.
Fourteen years of not wanting to wake up early to go to school because sleep is just too important.
Fourteen years of strangers to friends to best friend … just so that the next year it goes from best friends to friends to strangers.
Fourteen years of talking for hours on the phone with a friend with whom you just spent 7 hours of school.
Fourteen years of wearing casuals to school cause its your birthday and y…

School Trauma

I am one of the lucky (or unlucky) few who got to study at two completely different schools for the exact half of my school life. I did my kindergarten to grade three and my high school (grade 11 and grade 12) in IIIS and my grade 4 to grade 10 in OOEHS. I am taking a great risk in writing this post since I have no intention in praising my school. Rather I am planning on bitching about it and help free my out cry for freedom in the school grounds. 

IIIS is school divided into three sections- Boys and Girls. Boys are haraam (forbidden) for girls- according to the school authorities. Though both the sections are situated in the same compound, we are ordered to treat the Boys section as a different world of forbidden fruits (LOL).  If any girl is caught looking outside the window to the common ground, she will be summoned to the Head Mistress' (Lets call her Lady H) office and asked to explain why she had looked outside. Ok. I was exaggerating a bit. but 3/4th of it is true. Being bro…

I Shall

I shall pare a rose from my heart
And bleed to give it colour

I shall mold the linings of the clouds
To dance an anklet on your ankles

I shall fetch the cuckoos from the heavens
To sing for you to appease your ears

I shall slash my skin and make a hide
To warm you through your plights

I shall give you my eyes eternally to stay
So that you see how stunning you are

I shall brawl the battle of the worlds
To prove to you that I am stanch

I shall rest my head on the trails
If you assure me your smile

I shall swim the seven fatal seas
And mount the seven lethal hills

I shall live forever to shield you
Or die to grant your desire

I shall do what no one may
If your shall promise to be my bride

Link to this poetry

The Anonymous "Thing"

The urge to write this post has been running wildly in me for a long time. Since I turned 17 last month, I finally got the closure I needed to write this post. My weird school keeps special classes for us XIIth graders on Fridays. It is weird because Friday is the only common public holiday for everyone in the UAE. I am forced to wake up at 5:30 AM and catch the running bus at 6:15 AM. The morning is usually very cold and boring and the roads are almost empty. I often see a Pathan (Pakistani male) lurking here and there. For so long have I hoped for something interesting to happen that one day something did happen. But let me point it out to you, as my post titles gives the surprise away, it wasn't interesting. It was exactly the opposite. 

The public road cleaner comes around at 6:30 AM every day to pick up the trash littered around. Since I had to board the bus at 6:15 AM on Fridays, the road used to be always littered. This particular day, instead of the usual garbage, the pavem…

A Million Heartbreaks

Every girl dreams about the day she would get married to her prince charming. He is always this very handsome, very charming and absolutely irresistible guy that was sure to break a few million hearts on the wedding day. Since the day I came to know about weddings and love, I had this bad instinct that I wouldn't have a prince charming. Or at least he wouldn't be "charming". Therefore I used to asses the guys I met on the basis of looks, style, taste, family, orientation, and where he lives. You see, we South Indians don't have love marriages. Its is usually slightly frowned upon. The parents of the girl find a groom that they find suitable and presents him in front of her. She has the final say to reject him or take him. While looking for a groom, the parents check on whether he is friendly, educated, highly positioned, non alcoholic, non smoker, non druggy (?!)and whether his house is near by. They look for convenience and most of all, a good family and bright …