Learning Lanes

I went out for a volunteer event earlier today. That turned out to be a disaster with me not being able to locate the bus that was to take me to ADNEC. The event coordinator wasn't any help either. I hadn't felt this bad in quite a while. I took a bus to Khalidiya Mall which was where I had to board the ADNEC bus from. I found myself at profound grief when I couldn't recognize the bus stops in Abu Dhabi. I didn't know where I was or where to get down. 17 years and you may think I would remember Abu Dhabi like a cycle balance. As Chandler would say it, "Could I be any more wrong?".

On the way back home, my mind was clouded with absurd thoughts of betrayal. I wondered how I could so easily forget the roads of the place that was home to me for all my life. When I reached home, I told my mother about the agitation in my mind. Her reply put me in a juxtaposed situation. She said,  "You used to always mess up the buses and the bus stops in Abu Dhabi. You never le…

Witnessing Terror

It was March 08, 2013. Our First Semester exams had finally begun. The French exam was scheduled to be held at 02:00 PM. Since it was a language we had very little clue about, we decided to cool off our heads by going for lunch at a nearby hotel. It was around 01:00 when we left the hotel fully fed and content. I am pretty sure we would have stayed there fifteen minutes longer; had we known what was to be witnessed next.
The road that led to my college was a dingy one-way-sized road. As most of the roads in India, it was used as a two way road. The drivers just adjusted to it like they were supposed to. I, along with my three friends was in a heated discussion of something that I just cannot bring myself to remember. We were nearing the Church and we noticed a big yellow painted bus parked on the side of the already small road. Girls were getting out of the bus and forming a big crowd to its side. The road was otherwise empty. A pretty girl (I call her pretty here out of belief for I …

Elementary School Shooting

I rushed to the elementary school to find my son. I was worried sick since the moment I got the phone call. I was already crying because I had a horrible feeling in my gut. I got to the school and found my little baby boy weeping next to a police car. His teacher, who was also in tears, handed him over to me with a weak smile. I hugged him and showered him with kisses. I picked him up and got into my car. On our way home, I had a change of mind and went to his favourite Ice Cream shop. I bought him the biggest one that he had always cried for. I had never bought it for him before since I knew he wouldn't be able to finish it and he would have to throw it away. As I had guessed, he ate just a part of it and we threw away the rest. Then, I took him to the beach and let him go a little closer to the water as he wished. Then I took him home and watched cartoon with him all day long. For dinner, we had nuggets and fries. Before he went to bed, I gave him his Christmas presents- all of…

180 Characters And A Jail Pass

The Indian cyber world has been going agog since the news of the arrest of IAC (India Against Corruption) activist Ravi Srinivasan on November 1st for posting a tweet against Karti Chidambaram, the son of finance minister P. Chidambaram has been released. Turns out there is a law that is against people publishing something online that is offensive that defames another person. If that was the case (and if the Indian government actually checked online) majority of the Indians would be behind the cold bars for the above said offense. I find this quite absurd and disturbing that a free country like India has an act that curbs the freedom of speech. I believe that a man should be free to voice his opinion with no distinction between whether the opinion is acceptable or not. If no negative opinions are to be released, people would suffer as there would be no one to react against the unscrupulous corrupt acts of the government.

Ravi Srinivasan has refused to apologize or take back his opinion.…

A Touch With Feminism

Feminism had always fascinated me for I believe that I wouldn’t be able to sit here typying this out if it weren’t for the feminists that fought for gender equality years back. Recently, I came across something that brought out the feminist in me. Nothing much, but do read on.
I was on my way to my hostel after the weekend at home. I was at the railway station waiting to board the bus to medical college. The bus was so packed that there was barely any space left to breath. As I got on, I noticed that four men were sitting on the seats parallel to the driver’s seat. In India, those seats are usually reserved for women. In a country where the mightiest wins, this is a necessity. Just to confirm; I was new to being a residential Indian, I asked a woman standing at the tip on my nose whether those seats where reserved for women. She nodded in agreement as her hair went up my nose. I pushed forward and asked those men whether those seats were reserved for women. At first they didn’t seem b…

Freshers' Day- Part II (The Programme)

Read Part I before you read Part II.
The programme started with a welcome speech and then the seniors took to the stage. They called a guy from my class and gave him the first task; to hold a mic and lip-sync with a song they were going to play. They played "Gangeeeeey", sung horrbily by some senior. The guy lip synced quite well and that put off the programme to a good start. Then a senior, AJ, as I would refer to him from now on, and another senior, a girl, got on stage for a dance... a love duet. It was a slow song and it went on beautifully. The couple swayed romantically along with the song. AJ looked quite bored. Maybe a little embarrassed. After the dance was nearly over, the couple walked off the stage, with a flower in their hand, swaying to the music. They approached to the freshers crowd extending the flower in their hand. AJ came towards me, and my friends started nudging me. Some idiots called out my name and I felt a blush peeping in. Our eyes met, he smiled an…

Freshers Day- Part I (My Marathon)

Freshers' day is a day celebrated to welcome the first year students into the campus. It was a long wait for me and it finally took place yesterday. The programme was organized by the senior students of the english department. The students had had their Freshers' day a week back and that had created quite the stir among the other students. We were informed at around 12:00 that they were giving us the party at 2:30 in the Chavara Hall. Anxiety and fear wreaked in the classroom. And thus, I begin the small story of excitement, fun and a bit of swearing. It was 1:30 and the French period had just started. Our old and retired French sir walked in and started his usual speech in broken English about 'vous avez' and 'nous avon' (lets hope that how it's spelt). All of a sudden I felt a pull in my stomach. I nearly screamed. It felt like a pac man was gnawing at the flesh of my stomach. I felt nauseated. My friend, Abhi, kept on calling me from behind to let m…